Find and remove duplicate audio files on your computer

Save your disk space with Duplicate Audio Finder.

Audio fingerprinting

Duplicate Audio Finder uses audio fingerprinting to detect similar audio files. It listens to your audio files to measure their similarities and doesn’t merely rely on file size, format, or audio metadata.

Match different file formats

Thanks to audio fingerprinting, Duplicate Audio Finder can match the same song in different audio file formats. Duplicate Audio Finder supports most popular audio formats, including wav, wma, mp2, mp3, mp4, aac, flac, ogg, m4a, ac3, webm, ape, flv, avi, f4v, mac, mov, and tta.

Match different bit rates

Duplicate Audio Finder’s audio matching algorithm can detect similar audio files regardless of the file size, bit rate, sampling frequency, or audio quality. If two audio files sound similar to you, Duplicate Audio Finder will detect them.

Match different audio lengths

Duplicate Audio Finder can detect similar audio files of different durations. If one audio file is slightly shorter or longer than another audio file, Duplicate Audio Finder can still match them as duplicates.

Match different audio volumes

Duplicate Audio Finder can detect duplicate audio files with different recorded volumes. The matching algorithm is also resistant to audio filtering and noise. You can also adjust the similarity setting to find more matches or only exact matches.

Match between/within groups

Duplicate Audio Finder can find duplicate files between two different sets of folders as well as within the same set of folders. You can change the mode with the Mode selection drop-down.


Duplicate Audio Finder allows you to easily delete, move, or copy duplicate audio files. You don’t have to manually go to file system directories to delete/move/copy duplicates.

Built-in audio player

Duplicate Audio Finder has a built-in audio player. So you can easily listen to the duplicate audio files found and validate their similarity.

Multi-core optimization

Duplicate Audio Finder uses multiple CPU cores to speed up the detection process. You can adjust the multi-core speed-up level using the settings.

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